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of government not here. so it's not a lot of people working. a lot of people hunkering down. >> people are heeding the warnings that we've heard from the mayor. both governors and federal officials as well. we want to get the latest from a neighborhood that knows a thing or two about it, bloomingdale in northwest washington. no flooding yet but folks there, would you say they're ready, megan? >> reporter: i would say they're ready. they've had a lot of experience with flooding in the past with just normal stone storms. they know the drill. the public work crews have been taking a look at the early, looking at it so the drains can drain. it seems a lot of people have taken the advice, have stayed down, hunkered down at home. we're seeing very light traffic. a lot of folks are still stocking up. all morning long, we've been seeing people heading out with shopping bags. they had sandbags across the door, they were not open. about an hour or so ago, the owner did come, remove the sandbag, and they opened for business. a lot of folks flat to see them open. i see you've got cereal and what e
and colorado today. the president took a three-daybreak from campaigning to oversee the government's response to hurricane sandy. part of the presentation will focus on the effort to provide relief of those affected by the massive storm. >> the death toll is climbing four days after sandy made land fall. the storm claimed 75 lives. more than 4.5 million homes and businesses were without power along the east coast. most in the new york area and that area around new york city. president obama saw the damage on the jersey shore. during the tour, the president pledged support along the long haul. >> sandy brought flooding and now it's causing gridlock. this is the long back up of cars trying to get into the city this morning. drivers had to go through a police check point and prove they had three people in the car. it was encouraged to encourage car pooling. >>> closer to home, martin o'malley got a firsthand look at the impact of sandy on the eastern shore. he stopped in a bayside home yesterday. they toured flooded roads and houses. they looked at the damage to the town's water which is a hub f
of the day and tomorrow to oversee the government's response to the storm. he says he's more concerned about sandy's impact than next week's election. meanwhile, romney is also scrapping his campaign plans for today. the nominee and running meat will hold storm relief events instead. romney will be campaigning in virginia on thursday. the campaign says romney will make three stops in the commonwealth. he will not make any stops in northern virginia. >> you'll probably have to wait until tomorrow if you planned on voting early today. >> martin o'malley ordered all to be closed for a second day due to sandy. he's ordered it through november 2nd to make up for the missed days. the d.c. board of elections postponed itd for today as well and fairfax county canceled early absentee voting, too. >> 11:34 now. this is live team coverage of sandy's impact. we'll have more after the break. >> reporter: high tides came and went. the fears of rising water. details coming up on news 4. >>> now, we are learning more about the impact sandy is having on the d.c. area. the storm is blamed for at least two dea
government is reopened. most students in the area are back to class. the numbers onandy's destruction remain staggering. the storm is to blame for 55 deaths nationwide. power outages stand at 55 homes and businesses down from 8.5 million. sandy is shaping up to be one of the costliest disasters in the u.s. it's estimated to cost between $20 billion and $50 billion in damage. >>> the worst may not be over for some flood prone neighborhoods in the area. the river has gone down somewhat. news 4s melissa mollet is live. what is it looking like out there now? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. high tide came and went at 10:06. take a look at this, completely dry here. we have a couple patches of water. nothing like what we were dealing with yesterday. let's take a look at that. 24 hours ago, you can see what a big difference it is. yesterday, i was standing in six or seven inches of water. today, standing on the ground, this road technically opened, but not much traffic. still, restaurants, bunesses, homeowners in the area bracing for potential problems tomorrow. predictions are the flooding her
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4